to scale a solar system

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When you look up at the sky planets looks so small but they re actually really big. I understand why it looks really small because they are far away so they look smaller than they actually are.

When the planets orbit the sun some planets  are far away. Some are further than others and they then orbit slower because they have more of a distance than the ones closer. The ones that are closer to the sun orbit faster because they don’t have as much of a distance to travel. I also understand that when you draw out the solar system it is easier to understand it and see it clearer. But it’s easier to see it in a bigger space.

One question I still have is, is what would happen if Neptune and mercury swapped places as Neptune is the coldest planet and Neptune is the coldest what would happen with the climate change?


Teaching astronomy and space Models of the Solar System; Earth, Sun and Moon

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Everyday the sun rises and sets like the moon. But how do we know  if the sun circles around us or if we circle around the sun because they both visually look the same?not just the sun moves things like the night sky, like the sun sets and rises so does the night sky and if we look at stars-  they also move.

I understand that all  the planets orbit/circle around the sun because the gravity on the sun pulls them close to it like how gravity pulls us to the ground. I also understand that for thousands of years people have looked up at the sky, if you have then your an astronomer.

One question I still have is, one day will the sun pull so much gravity that planets touch the sun?


Cyber Safety Reflection

3 things webinars aim to teach

  • How to be safe online
  • Being safe online is like driving a car- always things to look out for (pop up)
  • Anyone can get scammed

2 Things you’re going to try to do

  • Not click on pop up ads
  • If someone wants to follow you and you don’t know them don’t follow them or let them follow you

1 Thing thy did well or could have done better

Something they did well was explain how to be safe and explaining how you can get scammed.



Humans in space

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This video showed about how the world has progressed in humans landing on earth. On April 12th 1961 humans first went into space. The first person was Yuri Gagarin and he lifted off on Vostok 1. On July the 20th 1969 the space ship Apollo 11 two American men called Neil Armstrong and Buz Oldrin landed on the moon.

I understand that the first person in space made history as no one has ever been recorded in space before that. I also understand that once people came into space and on the moon scientists and other people such as the government got so much information that has helped us have all the information we have today.

One question I still have is how long did it take to go onto the moon and how long does it take now?


Valedictorian Speech

Welcome classmates, parents and teachers to tonight’s graduation.

Throughout primary school we have created many memories and friends. We wouldn’t be here today if we didn’t have our amazing prep teachers Lee and Nicole. We also need to thank our teachers from year 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. We have come so far when it comes to intelligence and social skills. I think we should also thank all of our principals past and present, so thank you Mary Bluer, Joanne Ryan and our current principal Matt Bott, who has seen us all throughout our time at primary school the longest. But I think we should also thank Alison, Liz and Kaye for helping them run our school on a daily basis. And Kim who works in the library and has given us the love of reading.

Some of my favorite memories was when we performed in the 2010 concert the Good Ship Lolly Pop our first concert and how we most of us were so nervous. Another memory was when Kate dressed up as a cute lion, Felicity dressed up as an adorable bunny and Flossy dressed up as a lizard in prep. Camp Caribbean in 2014 was an adventures camp, especially on the first day when the storm occurred and everyone got saturated, especially the people on the canoes. One thing I think everyone can remember especially people in Lee Richardson’s class would remember is Lucca Carrols wild and long hair in prep.

We are reflecting on primary school and occasionally thinking about high school. It will be a giant leap whether it’s going to a new room for a different class, or homework e.t.c.But we have been been well prepared and ready to go so, thank you Moonee Ponds Primary School. 

High school is a new place for us. We are the leaders of the school, but soon we will be the babies of the school. We think of high school as awesome, cool and maybe scary but their just emotions and perspectives not experiences. We will be learning knew things and making more friends and many more memories. Some of us will be leaving friends by going to a different school and some of us will be going to the same school.

So thank you to everyone who has taught or worked at Moonee Ponds Primary School for helping us be the people we are today. Primary school will be something we will never forget. “Creat the next chapter of you life because it’s wide open”


Space video reflection: Mars and what might happen to it

Here are the links to the videos:




These video’s were about the new big thing that might happen on Mars which is that one man is trying to colonize mars- making it a place for people to live. They are thinking about making a space ship with a capacity of 100 people- maybe more and 450 tons of cargos. Once it’s done it would be bigger and more power full than N.A.S.A’s Saturn V rocket. It would be powered by 42 raptor engines.

I understand why they would be planning to have people go onto Mars- as a backup in case the Earth explodes. I also understand that it would be a really big learning experience as you would get information on what would happen to you, and you would get to see space.

One question I still have is, is with the food would they have space ships coming back and fro with the food? Also, would they stay for a year and come back. or stay there forever (if they were planning on letting people live there)?


Sea’s Of Grief

I slowly creep down the stairs and open the front door making my escape. I run down the street feeling the wind against my face, my hair running wild and smelling the beachy wind. I listen to the faint sound of the wave’s crashing, from the island like place I’m set in.

Buzz buzz. At 7:30 I get a text from my mum saying “Sasha where are you? I’m checking your bedroom and you’re aren’t there or downstairs”. I ignore the text and keep on going. I ignore the text because she does not understand, I’m drowning in a sea of grief. She does not  know how I feel. My outrage gets the best of me, as I move my feet even harder feeling the sweat, and keep on seeking for her.

I think about my great grandmother, it brings gushes of tears to my blood shot eyes. It makes me wish to make every minute and second of every day memorable.

I find myself lying next to her grave with tears running down my face. With the early morning sun on my face. I stretch my face over to see my phone and look at the messages I ignored from my mum, dad and sister. I pick up my phone and dial my mum’s number. She answers and we talk about my new home. But I can’t stop thinking about my great grandma and knowing that one day I am going to join her in heaven.


Life in space: Food

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In space (and every day) food plays  an important part to our body. Most of the food in space are high in protein. They are also a bit different to normal food. Some of the food is Russian. The food can come from other countries. I understand why the food is in envelopes and canes so then no bacteria can get inside them. I also understand why they have to drink drink in bags and not cups because the drink would go everywhere.

One question i still have is, why are some fruits freeze dried and not in it’s original state- like other fruits?


B.T.N Space Rocket

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There was a meteor explosion that occured in Russia 2013. On that same day an asteroid passed really close to the Earth. Here is what they all are:

Comets: are chunks of ice and dust which come from the cold, outer parts of the solar system. To make us see a bright trail it  has to get close to the sun they melt and give off gas.

Asteroids: are usually made of rock or metal.There are tens of thousands of them that sit between Mars and Jupiter and some get closer to earth.

Meteoroids: are smaller chunks of asteroids and millions of them enter the Earth’s atmosphere every day. When they do we call them meteors.

I understand why people get scared of them because they are dangerous, like the one in Russia. I also understand why people get exited about them because you don’t see them very often. One question I still have is, can you use weather balloons to predict when one is coming or do you use the temperature?


B.T.N/Reflection on The Solar System- our home in space

Earth is in one part of the milky way and is the solar system. The sun is the center of the solar system and has 8 planets orbiting it and are separated into 4. Mercury, Venus, Mars and earth. The other section is divided into Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.  Mercury is the smallest planet and  Venus is one of the brightest planets and warmest. Earth is the only place known to man kind and has one moon.

I understand why earth is the only planet known to have living things on it because it is the right temperatures. I also understand why the sun has 8 planets orbiting around it because there are only 8 planets that can orbit the sun because the suns gravity pulls the smaller planets towards it.

One question I still have is what happens if earth stops orbiting the sun?